Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My short story

use a range of precise vocabulary to communicate meaning (Year ⅞)

The pieces of my writing that are highlighted green are where I have shown my vocabulary and punctuation goal

My short story....
 Big Mikes big big horrible exciting fun good bad great wonderful angry amazing day

New York
50 Thousand people used to live here

It was the 7 of may 1989 I was driving to my friends place, when I got there we sat down I said to Terminator  where’s the good stuff, Terminator says I’ll be back I wait there looking around the place I see him walking down the hallway with black bag over his shoulder he chucks the big black bag onto the  table  and unzips it ‘’It’s Beautiful’’ there's 10 limited edition barbie dolls.

I left his house in a hurry because I remembered that I needed to pick up my doge from the Airport I got a speeding ticket from going 6k in a 5k zone when I got to the airport, this wizardry kid came up to me and asked for a Manu competition so we went to the pool just around the corner and started he put up a good fight but I won with a my splash making a tsunami happen and he got 2cm After that I turned on my turbo and drove as fast as I can to the airport to pick up my doge.My doge was happy to see me infact he was so happy he pee all over me.We left but when I went out to my car it had a ticket on the front of it for 50c for parking on the lines.

I went to see my mum and dad because I want to show the joe the dog. When I arrived at there place joe went out there backyard and seriously took the biggest dump ever on their lawn.We went inside and no one was home I yelled out to them no one replied I went into her room and saw them both dead on the bed. The phone started ringing I went and picked it up I said I don't know who you are but I will find you and I will kill you. Joe and I went home and Packed our bags I said to Joe were going to get another one Joe wagged his tail with excitement we finally got to the petshop  and found the best dog ever Tony, he is a confidence spontaneous dogey. After we got Tony we went home and went to sleep.
When I was in bed my parents were still in the back of my head I was thinking so hard that i went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and went out to make a cappuccino Terminator holding a suppressed gun and his exact words were I Told ya I’ll be back.

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