Friday, 25 November 2016


NZ identity treaty of waitangi

google Slide

compare and contrast map

3 articles

who signed it

the treaty has been going for 175 years

the treaty was signed by lots of people over seas

some people didn't agree but had to sign it


This term we have been learning about Parliament. We have looked at the difference between government and parliament, NZ parliament, who is in government, how our government works and we compared democracy to dictatorship.

Three things that I learned are NZ parliament are:

  • john key sit 4th chair in 
  • David carter is the speaker 
  • Ruth dicin is the  Mp for the port hills 

Here is the link to my compare and contrast map explaining the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Te Reo, Term 4 2016.

This term we have been learning all about the Marae. We have learned that…….

  • The Marae is an important focal point for the community.
  • The Marea is a place where tradition and customs can be carried out.
  • The Marae is a place where people can express their values with dignity.
  • There are many kawa ( protocols) that prevail on the marae.
  • Marae kawa (protocols) can differ between maraes and iwi.

We have focussed on some key concepts when doing this learning.
These are listed and explained in the table below.

Definition -
give the meaning of these concepts in your own words.
the correct procedure, costom, way of doing things 
welcoming people onto a marae 
Tangata whenua
they are local people who are connected to the marae
vistitos to the marae
spiritul home 
relashoinship, senes of family connnection 
this includes repsect given to elders 
means love aroha can mean respect 

See this video for an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of people on a marae.

Something I would like to learn more about the marae is……...

Monday, 5 September 2016

CARE my progress

CARE: My progress so far

The CARE award that I am working towards is:  silver

The one area of CARE that I am doing best in is:     community   
because: if there was rubbish on the ground i would pick it up

The one area of CARE that I need to work harder in is:    excellence  because: i need to try my best all the time

To show my leadership qualities I am a role model to others in the CARE values by doing/showing these leadership traits: integrity

On the CARE SOLO matrix below I am at this SOLO level: relational             because: i can do all of that but i need to do more stuff





Extended Abstract
I am not aware of the CARE values yet.
I know what the CARE values mean.

I need help to use them.
I can use the CARE values.

I need reminding to use them.
I can use the CARE values independently.
I can use the CARE values independently.

I can role model to others how to use the CARE values.

Friday, 2 September 2016


I can recognize and understand a variety of grammatical constructions and some rhetorical patterns

In this unit I have been learning about:
  • The parts of speech.
  • The types of nouns.
  • The types of sentences.

In this unit, I found challenging finding the difference between all the nouns.

Something new I learnt was all the different nouns.

I can apply my knowledge of adverbial clauses and connectives to see how ideas are linked in texts.Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.56 am.png

For reading I have been learning about adverbial clauses. I have found this learning… because…

In this activity (link to adverbial clause activity), I had to... we had to put the better sentence in that would go better with it